First opened in 2010, Recognize! Studios is a creative platform that provides quality education for all types of dance and art forms. Constantly pushing forth, growing and supporting the urban artistic community.

As seen in our logo, the reversed “R” signifies our unique perspective and approach to dance and urban arts, while the “!” exclamation mark symbolizes that we aim to leave an impact in all that we do. As Recognize! Studios comprises of people from the community, for the community, the circle in our logo symbolizes the unity within all people that share the passion for dance and arts. Equipped with a collective of local and international dance instructors that are respectable and reputable in their expertise of dance, we provide quality dance classes and courses that will equip you with skills and knowledge that you require, whether you are starting out or aspiring to take your dance skills to a higher level!

Recognize! Studios is also a premier urban arts consultancy firm that organizes and consults for numerous events and consistently works with Multinational Corporations in event production, event programming, artist management and event logistics.

Backed by a dedicated team with proven expertise in managing events, we believe in bringing value to our clients while forging strong partnerships in the process.

Recognize! Studios remains a distinguished urban arts consultancy firm as we recognize the importance of close client collaboration in achieving effective methods while providing quality events through extensive experience and expertise.